List: honorific or respectful (sonkeigo) language

Words used in sonkeigo or respectful language, used to show respect to the subject of the sentence.

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ๅ…ˆ็”Ÿ ใ›ใ‚“ใ›ใ„ sensei

popular  JLPT N5  noun  noun (generic)  honorific language  noun (suffix)  familiar language  jocular, humorous term  archaism 

  • teacher, instructor, master
  • sensei, title or form of address for a teacher, master, doctor, lawyer, etc.
  • intimate or teasing form of address
  • one's elder
ๅคซไบบ ใตใ˜ใ‚“ fujin

popular  obsolete reading  JLPT N3  honorific language  noun  noun (generic)  archaism 

  • wife, Mrs, madam
  • wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.)
  • consort of the emperor
็ฅž ใ‹ใฟ kami

popular  JLPT N3  noun  noun (generic)  slang  noun (prefix)  ใช adjective  adjective (generic)  honorific language  archaism 

  • god, deity, divinity, spirit, kami
  • incredible, fantastic, amazing
  • Emperor (of Japan)
  • thunder
้™›ไธ‹ ใธใ„ใ‹ heika

popular  honorific language  pronoun  noun (suffix)  noun (generic) 

  • Your Majesty, His Majesty, Her Majesty
ใŠๆฏใ•ใ‚“ ใŠใ‹ใ‚ใ•ใ‚“ okaasan

popular  JLPT N5  honorific language  noun  noun (generic) 

  • mother, mom, mum, ma
  • wife
ไธปไบบๅ…ฌ ใ—ใ‚…ใ˜ใ‚“ใ“ใ† shujinkou

popular  JLPT N1  noun  noun (generic)  honorific language 

  • protagonist, main character, hero, heroine
  • head (of a household), proprietor (of a store)
้‹ใถ ใฏใ“ใถ hakobu

popular  JLPT N4  godan verb  godan verb (archaic)  verb (generic)  transitive verb  honorific language  intransitive verb 

  • to carry, to transport, to move, to convey
  • to come, to go
  • to wield (a tool, etc.), to use
  • to go (well, etc.), to proceed, to progress
็š†ใ•ใ‚“ ใฟใชใ•ใ‚“ minasan

popular  JLPT N5  honorific language  noun  noun (generic) 

  • all, everyone, everybody
่ฆชๆ–น ใŠใ‚„ใ‹ใŸ oyakata

popular  honorific language  noun  noun (generic)  sumo  archaism 

  • master, boss, chief, foreman, supervisor
  • stable master
  • craftsman, artisan
  • foster parent
ใŠ็ˆถใ•ใ‚“ ใŠใจใ†ใ•ใ‚“ otousan

popular  obsolete reading  JLPT N5  honorific language  noun  noun (generic)  colloquialism  pronoun 

  • father, dad, papa, pa, pop, daddy, dada
  • husband
  • you, he, him