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Search kanji by drawing & improved pronunciation voice

After the last update, we continued working on fixing some bugs and implemented some features that we believe that can be very interesting. We hope you enjoy them!

✍️ Search kanji by drawing
🔊 Pronunciation voice improvements
📰ย The Latest news in home page
🦜 Pitch accent info

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New forum, user accounts and more!

Hi! We've been working very hard to add some new features to JapanDict. This is a brief summary of them. We hope you like them!

💬 New forum
👥 User accounts and personal preferences
🔍 Improved search bar

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New version of the JapanDict Japanese dictionary

We are very excited to introduce the new JapanDict dictionary.

We've been working very hard to add new features and to improve the speed and usability of the dictionary. You can be one of the first people to test it! 🎉

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Dictionary search

Use the Japanese dictionary to search for any Japanese word and get its meaning in many languages. We also provide example sentences, conjugations, kanji decomposition, pictures, and extended explanation for selected words.


Tags and lists

We've tagged all the words in the dictionary to make it easier to search them. All the tags are grouped in different categories, and it's possible to view the list of all the words for each tag.


Kanji search

Search any kanji directly by its character, its meaning, or its reading in onyomi, kunyomi and nanori. Our powerful search engine will do the rest and present you with the best results possible.


Radical list

List of all the kanji radicals with their meaning and other information, ordered by the number of strokes. It can be a really useful resource for everyone studying kanji.


Search by radical

When you don't know how to write a particular kanji character, we also provide the search by radical engine, which allows you to select the components of the kanji to identify it without needing to reproduce it.


Search by drawing

Find any kanji character by drawing it with your mouse or finger. Our algorithm is capable to identify any kanji even if the stroke order is not correct.



Join the JapanDict community and suggest new features for the dictionary, report possible bugs or ask any question about the Japanese language.


Hiragana table

Hiragana is the phonetic syllabary used mainly to write Japanese words or grammatical inflections. Our hiragana chart provides all the characters with their pronunciation and stroke order.


Katakana table

Katakana is another phonetic syllabary. It is commonly used to write foreign-language and loan words or onomatopoeia. Our katakana chart has all the characters with their pronunciation and stroke order.

Social Networks

Social Networks

Social networks are a great way to learn more vocabulary and to share your experiences with the Japanese language with other learners like you.

If you're a Telegram user, you are in luck! We have a Telegram channel where we post a new Japanese word every day with its English translation, a very active discussion group full of friendly people, and a dictionary bot able to find any term directly from Telegram.
If you use Twitter, you can also follow us to receive the Japanese word of the day so you can learn Japanese vocabulary easily. We don't publish more than one tweet per day.
Like our Facebook page to learn Japanese in an easy and fun way. Every day we will publish a new word in kanji, hiragana or katakana and romaji with the English translation.
About us

About us

JapanDict is a Japanese dictionary maintained by a group of enthusiasts in the Japanese culture and the Japanese language. After not finding any online Japanese dictionary that fulfilled our needs, we decided to start a fresh alternative to the already oversaturated offer available on the internet.

We know learning any language can be a difficult task, so we want to provide a new Japanese dictionary simple, useful and fun to use at the same time.

Using some of the great publicly available content on the internet, and some of our own, we aim to offer the most valuable information when looking for any Japanese word or kanji.

About us
Our mission

Our mission

We want to inspire passion in the Japanese language by providing the best experience to search, learn and understand any word or kanji