Frequently asked questions

1. Why are there ads on JapanDict?

Advertising helps to pay the bills of the server and the infrastructure hosting JapanDict. Even though no one likes them, we believe it's the best way to cover these costs. We try to keep them at minimum and to maintain the site as clean as possible.

2. Is there an app for Android/iOS?

We'd love to have an application for Android and iOS, but we're a very small team, and we only work in our spare time. Creating an application is a lot of effort, so we've decided to focus on the website only and try to make it as good as possible.

Even if it's not the same, it's possible to create a shortcut in your device home screen and JapanDict will open as if it were an application. Just follow the instructions here:

3. Could you add the following word? / A word translation is incorrect

JapanDict relies on the JMDict project for the dictionary content (check ourattributions page), so we donยดt have direct control on adding new words or modifying them.

The JMDict project is a collaborative effort involving contributions from a community of experts in the Japanese language. If you believe that a word should be added to the JMDict project, we encourage you to reach out to the project administrators or contribute to the project yourself. By participating in the JMDict project, you can help expand the database and ensure that accurate and comprehensive translations are available to a wider audience.

4. I have a suggestion for a new feature

Please use the forum and send it to us. We'll definitely check if it's possible to implement.