List: Kyuushuu-ben

Words specific of the Kyūshū dialect, spoken in the Kyūshū island, where there are cities like Fukuoka, Kitakyushu or Kumamoto.

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popular  JLPT N1  particle  conjunction  abbreviation  shogi  noun  noun (generic)  Kyuushuu-ben 

  • if, when
  • and
  • with
  • used for quoting (thoughts, speech, etc.)
  • promoted pawn
  • indicates a question
たい tai

popular  auxiliary adjective  adjective (generic)  particle  Kyuushuu-ben  suffix  い adjective 

  • want to ... do something, would like to ...
  • indicates emphasis
  • very ...
ばってん batten

conjunction  Kyuushuu-ben 

  • but, however, although
すかり sukari

noun  noun (generic)  Touhoku-ben  Kyuushuu-ben  onomatopoeic or mimetic word  adverb  adverb taking the と particle 

  • net for caught fish
  • net-like tassel of Buddhist prayer beads
  • Vespula flaviceps (species of yellowjacket)
  • ant
  • easily
ぎんた ginta

idiomatic expression  expression  Kyuushuu-ben 

  • in case of
はわく hawaku

godan verb  godan verb (archaic)  verb (generic)  Kyuushuu-ben 

  • to sweep (with a broom), to clean up
ばい bai

particle  Kyuushuu-ben 

  • indicates emphasis
内神 うちがみ uchigami

Shinto  noun  noun (generic)  Kyuushuu-ben 

  • patron god, ancestor deified as a kami
かいな kaina

particle  Kansai-ben  Kyuushuu-ben 

  • expresses incredulousness, disbelief, irony, etc.
雨雪 あめゆき ameyuki

noun  noun (generic)  Hokkaido-ben  Touhoku-ben  Kyuushuu-ben 

  • sleet