List: female term or language

Words and expressions commonly used by women.

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้ ‚ๆˆด ใกใ‚‡ใ†ใ ใ„ choudai

popular  irregular kanji usage  humble language  noun  noun (generic)  noun or participle taking the aux. verb ใ™ใ‚‹  familiar language  female term  usually written using kana alone  expression 

  • receiving, reception, getting, being given
  • eating, drinking, having
  • please, please do for me
ใพใ‚ maa

popular  JLPT N3  adverb  female term  interjection 

  • just (e.g. "just wait here"), come now, now, now
  • tolerably, passably, moderately, reasonably, fairly, rather, somewhat
  • well..., I think..., it would seem..., you might say..., Hmmm, I guess so...
  • oh!, oh dear!, oh, my!, wow!, goodness gracious!, good heavens!
ใพใ‚ใพใ‚ maamaa

popular  JLPT N2  onomatopoeic or mimetic word  ใช adjective  adjective (generic)  adverb  interjection  female term 

  • so-so, passable
  • now, now
  • my, my
ใ‚ใ‚‰ ara

popular  JLPT N1  female term  interjection 

  • oh, ah
ใ‚ใฎใญ anone

popular  familiar language  female term  interjection 

  • look here, I say, well, I know what, I'll tell you what, just a minute, hold on
็ง ใ‚ใŸใ— atashi

popular  JLPT N1  female term  usually written using kana alone  pronoun 

  • I, me
ใฎ no

popular  particle  female term 

  • indicates possessive
  • nominalizes verbs and adjectives
  • substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases
  • (at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion
  • (at sentence-end) indicates emotional emphasis
  • (at sentence-end, rising tone) indicates question
ใ‚‚ใฎ mono

popular  particle  female term 

  • indicates reason or excuse
  • indicates dissatisfaction, indicates desire to be pampered or indulged
ใ‚ wa

popular  female term  particle  Kansai-ben  pronoun  Tsugaru-ben  interjection 

  • indicates emotion or admiration
  • indicates emphasis
  • I, me
  • wah!
  • boo!
ใ‚ใญ wane

popular  female term  expression 

  • isn't it?, it really is